TBull Facts

Is Tbull is the first beer to be created and bottled in Telangana?

Yes. Tbull strong beer is the first beer that was completely formulated, crafted, brewed and bottled in Telangana. TBull is brewed at Lilasons Alcobev near Sangareddy Telangana. and it is the only independent brewery in Telangana.

Where is Tbull available?

Tbull is available across several liquor outlets and bars across Telangana. The complete list of stores of where Tbull is available can be seen at LINK

Is Tbull available only in Telangana?

Yes, Yes and Yes. Tbull is exclusive to Telangana. It is not sold anywhere else in the world

How old do I have to be to drink TBull?

Even though Tbull is smooth and easy flowing, it does have alcohol. So as per law of the land you have to be at least 21 years of age.

What are the ingredients in TBull?

Usssh... we can give out our secret recipe, but our brew masters added tons of love and passion for brewing into this beer.

How much alcohol does Tbull have?

The answer is 2.5 + 5 - 3 +6 - 5 + 1. Didn't figure it out?. You probably had too many TBulls

I am not 21 yet. What do I do?

You shouldn't be on this page in the first case. Please leave now and Google for Amul milk.

I am addicted to Tbull. What do I do now?

Even though we are proud that we created a great beer in Telangana, we hate that you are addicted to alcohol. Please click here and we will send you a FREE ebook on how to fight alcohol addiction.