How It's Made

1. The Bill and the Mill
Step 1

It all starts with our brew masters who travelling across the world to identify and procure the finest malts. These malts are then crushed at our brewery’s mill near Sangareddy, so that the malted grain kernels can breakup and make it easy to extract fermentable sugars. This milled product is called Grist.

2. Mash the Bash
Step 2

The Grist that was produced by bashing the grains in our mill is now sent into a huge container called the Mash tun. This Grist is then mixed with hot water in the Mash tun. The mash tun has a mechanism to slowly stir the mixture which will break down the starches present in the malt into sugars

3. Run the Lauter Tun
Step 3

The Mash is now moved into another huge container called the lauter tun. The Lauter Tun contains a false bottom that aids in separating the solid malt grains and a sweet liquid called the worth.

4. Hop when its Hot
Step 4

The worth is now moved from the Lauter tun into another vessel called the Kettle. The worth is now boiled at controlled temperatures and hops that are imported from the 45th parallel are added into it.

5. Whirlpool and then cool
Step 5

The boiled worth is now transferred into another vessel called the whirlpool where the separation of solid hops takes place and then the leftover worth is now ready to be cooled, aerated and fermented

6. Only yeast and no beast
Step 6

The worth that’s cooled and aerated is now moved into large fermentation tanks and yeast is added into it. The yeast converts sugars into alcohol and co2. Care is taken to ensure that there is no bacteria contamination. The fermentation process lasts around 15 days.

7. Pack and Rack
Step 7

The fermented beer is then packed into bottles, cans and kegs of various volumes. This is then shipped to TSBCL depots across the state. The retail shops buy the beer from TSBCL and display TBULL on their racks.